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Portland Trust and Estate Administration Law Firm

Trusts and Estates Attorney

If you have been named executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, or as successor trustee of a trust, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Successfully settling an estate is often a complex process; mistakes can cost significant time and money. You want an attorney who understands the law and process, one who has successfully worked with individuals in similar circumstances.

We can help you with documents to manage your affair, even in the absence of an estate:

  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Letter of Guardianship
  • Letter of Conservatorship
  • Trusts

At the Mead Law Firm P.C., we have provided high-caliber, cost-effective counsel to people throughout Portland and the Willamette Valley for 25 years. We provide large law firm experience in a small law firm setting; all matters in your case will be directly handled by an attorney. We recognize how important it can be to talk with your lawyer and work hard to be available whenever you need questions answered.

Contact our office or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll-free at 888-328-1440) for a confidential consultation.

Our Estate Administration Practice

We offer comprehensive counsel to anyone named as executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, helping you complete the steps required to settle the estate. We will assist you with:

  • The preparation and filing of an accounting of assets
  • The valuation of property, if necessary
  • The payment of all final debts and taxes of the estate
  • The orderly distribution of property in accordance with the terms of the will

We will also protect your rights if any disputes arise during the probate administration process. See our page on trust and estate litigation, as well as will contests.

Experienced Oregon Trust Administration Attorney

We advise anyone named as a trustee to a trust, helping you fulfill your obligations. We will carefully review the trust, so that we can identify your duties, and will help you oversee the distribution of assets. We will also file any reports required by law of by the probate court.

Contact the Mead Law Firm P.C.

We provide a confidential consultation to all new clients. To set up an appointment with an experienced Portland trust and estate administration lawyer, contact us or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll-free at 888-328-1440).

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