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Experienced Trusts And Estate Lawyer In Portland

Many people devote their lives to providing for their families and building a solid financial foundation only to have these plans thwarted by incomplete planning for the future — successful asset transition, succession planning and wealth transfer. This can lead to future disputes, litigation and an uncertainty of what a person’s wishes truly were — issues The Mead Law Firm works hard to avoid.

Attorney George Mead is an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer who serves the greater Portland, Oregon, area. He has more than 25 years of experience drafting wills, establishing trusts, serving as an estate administrator and litigating disputes that arise during the probate process.

Choosing The Right Entity

The process of preparing an estate plan should begin with selecting the most appropriate vehicle for wealth and asset transition. One size definitely does not fit all. Whether it is a simple will or a revocable living trust, you need to implement a plan that makes sense for you.

The Importance Of Wills and Trusts

When a person dies without a will or a trust, they are said to have died intestate. This means the assets will be divided according to certain predetermined statutory rules, giving the deceased no discretion as to the proper disposition of their estate. Not surprisingly, little consideration is given to matters of taxation, wealth preservation or succession planning.

When you visit The Mead Law Firm, we will discuss your goals and create a personalized estate plan that will clearly lay out your goals upon your passing or if you become unable to care for yourself, including:

  • Naming a personal representative or executor
  • Naming specific beneficiaries
  • Establishing a business succession plan
  • Establishing end-of-life requests, including DNR and other medical directives
  • Naming guardians for children and pets
  • Specifying how remaining debts, expenses and taxes should be paid
  • Canceling debts you are owed by others
  • Creating living trusts and assessing the potential tax benefits they receive

Of course, this list reflects only certain aspects that can be included in your estate plan. We realize that your personalized plan must reflect your unique circumstances and your unique needs.

End-Of-Life Planning

It is no secret that with the challenges of health care planning, skyrocketing medical costs and increasingly sophisticated measures to prolong life, careful planning for end-of-life decisions is critical. Certainly, no one wishes for serious long-term disability or chronic illness, but it is important to have plans in place — such as living wills, advanced directives and powers of attorney — as they will facilitate the administration of your affairs in the event of incapacity.

Additional Estate And Probate Services

The Mead Law Firm also provides trust and estate administration, probate dispute and guardianship/conservatorship representation:

  • Trust and estate litigation: We help individuals resolve disputes regarding the authenticity of a person’s will, property valuation and other controversies that can arise during the administration process.
  • Trust and estate administration: We guide individuals through the complex probate process. We help people avoid mistakes that could significantly prolong the process and substantially increase costs.
  • Guardianship/conservatorship: We help individuals transfer control of financial and medical decision-making when a loved one is physically or mentally unable to make decisions on their own.
  • Will contests: We protect our clients’ rights during contentious and emotional will contests. These disputes often involve allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, duress, invalidity of a will and other issues.

Contact A Portland Estate Law Attorney

For a confidential meeting with an experienced estate planning and living wills lawyer in the Portland area, contact us online or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll free at 888-328-1440).

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