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Real Estate Litigation

Portland Attorneys Handle Real Estate Litigation

In real estate litigation, our clients at The Mead Law Firm are most often mortgage holders (borrowers) who seek fair, cost-effective resolutions. A borrower in default on a loan often has recourse beyond simply giving in to the inevitability of losing a property.

The Mead Law Firm has helped many clients to keep their properties and resolve financial dilemmas swiftly and favorably. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Begin the dialog that may lead to a satisfactory resolution of your real estate dispute. Engage in exploration and discovery of the next best strategic moves with the help of a lawyer who is focused clearly on your needs and understands your objectives.

Do You Owe More Than Your Property Is Worth?

Have you or has your business borrowed to invest in residential real estate which is now “upside down” or “under water” due to today’s economy? Allow us to explore strategies that may prove favorable to you and your lending institution.

The answer may mean negotiating workouts at the best terms available to you which will simultaneously spare the lender the burden of the need to take over management of real estate. Most banks do not want to devote resources to managing foreclosed properties and would rather fine a reasonable way to avoid it.

Fight for Favorable Terms and Conditions

In the event that real estate litigation is, in fact, the only recourse in your particular situation, The Mead Law Firm can help negotiate the most favorable terms possible through mediation, arbitration or settlement negotiations with your lender.

Confront Oregon real estate litigation issues from a position of confidence and strength. Call or e-mail The Mead Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation and decide together with your lawyer what type of real estate litigation actions are in your best interest at this time.

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