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Lien Litigation

Lien Litigation Lawyer in Portland

The Mead Law Firm

Lien litigation often confronts contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers. In many instances, our clients have not been paid for construction work completed or for sales contracted. The Mead Law Firm handles lien law issues in Washington and Oregon on a regular basis. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Lien Litigation Matters

As real estate values have fallen in the current economic crisis, stakeholders often need legal counsel and representation. Our attorneys assist with a wide range of lien litigation issues, including matters stemming from foreclosures and falling real estate values:

  • Lien preparation
  • Due diligence in lien preparation, including accounting for percentages of materials versus labor costs
  • Examination of recorded documents including invoicing and legal descriptions
  • Lien perfection
  • Filing of lien notifications
  • Filing of lien foreclosure lawsuits
  • Asserting precedence of lien holders

Lawyers of The Mead Law Firm bring the benefits of previous large law firm experience to the table. This law firm was founded as a result of our desire to serve and interact with our clients directly. Our attorneys are available to advise and negotiate in your best interest in all types of real estate-related transaction and litigation, including lien litigation.

Our attorneys‘ extensive experience in business and real estate law enables The Mead Law Firm to provide the same caliber of legal counsel and representation that clients might expect from larger law firms — with greater affordability and more direct attorney-client communication.

Call or e-mail the Oregon law offices of The Mead Law Firm to schedule a consultation with an attorney regarding any lien litigation issue, need or concern.

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