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Construction Litigation & Claims

For Legal Counsel Regarding Construction Litigation and Claims

Contact an Attorney at The Mead Law Firm in Portland

At The Mead Law Firm, we often say that we handle legal matters “from spade to ribbon,” or from start to finish, in connection with construction and construction litigation claims and disputes.

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding any construction litigation or construction claim in Oregon or Washington. We are prepared to address your legal concerns with our undivided attention and an analytic approach, in search of the most strategic next moves for your construction company.

We have represented many contractors, subcontractors, investors and property owners, handling legal issues such as the following:

  • Construction defect litigation
  • Bid protests
  • Compliance issues with prompt payment claims
  • Pay claims
  • Allegations of improper inspections
  • Improper certification
  • Bond and surety claims
  • Unlicensed contractors
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Stop notices

Our extensive experience in this area allows us to meet a wide range of legal needs that our clients often require assistance with. We bring the benefit of our previous experience at large law firms to the table on behalf of our developer and construction contractor clients.

Lawyers of The Mead Law Firm bring the benefits of previous large law firm experience to the table on behalf of clients with corporate governance legal needs. This law firm was founded as a result of our desire to serve and interact with our clients directly. Our attorneys are available to advise and negotiate in your best interest in all types of business and corporate law matters, including corporate governance issues.

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