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Portland Condo Association Law Firm

Oregon Condominium Law Attorney

If you are involved in a dispute involving a homeowners association, whether as a homeowner with a claim against the association, or as an association official with a third party claim for construction defects, the Mead Law Firm P.C., in Portland, Oregon, can help protect your interests.

At the Mead Law Firm, we bring 25 years of experience to individuals and business owners throughout the Willamette Valley. We combine large law firm experience with a small law firm environment, offering a high level of personal attention and service. When you hire us to help you with a condo or homeowners association dispute, you will work directly with a lawyer throughout the process. We know how important it can be to talk with your attorney and strive to be available and accessible whenever you have questions.

For high-caliber, cost-effective representation in condominium or HOA dispute, contact our office or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll-free at 888-328-1440) for an appointment.

Representing Parties in Homeowner and Condominium Association Disputes

We provide comprehensive counsel to homeowners and HOAs, handling claims involving:

  • The negative impact or ramifications of HOA actions. This can include a change in fees or fees structures, or restricted access to facilities that were previously open to everyone, such as a pool, golf course or tennis courts. Some HOAs are notorious for making up the rules as they go along, and for simply implementing a new policy and letting you challenge it. They are also known to change meeting times and locations to make it difficult for you to object to changes.
  • Construction defect claims by HOAs against third party contractors and subcontractors. We handle breach of contract claims based on construction defects in condominiums or homes that are part of an association.

Contact the Mead Law Firm P.C.

To schedule an appointment with an experienced Portland condo association lawyer, contact us or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll-free at 888-328-1440). We have extensive experience in arbitration proceedings and can help you determine whether alternative forms of dispute resolution can work for you.

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