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Fraud / Misrepresentation

Contact a Portland Business and Corporate Law Attorney Regarding Fraud or Misrepresentation Litigation

Charges of fraud or misrepresentation often arise in the business context and take a wide variety of forms. From a breach of fiduciary duty to accusations of fraud in a collections context, we have extensive knowledge and experience representing both sides of the dispute.

Call or e-mail The Mead Law Firm in the Portland area to learn how we can be of assistance as you seek justice and fair compensation involving fraud or misrepresentation matters.

Clients of The Mead Law Firm have sought legal counsel and representation in connection with investments gone sour and business relationships turned hostile. We have the skill necessary to successfully pursue opponents when fraud and misrepresentation are at issue. Our attorneys have in some cases succeeded at pursuing compensation for wronged clients by way of the seizure of personal assets of fraudulent parties.

Lawyers of The Mead Law Firm bring the benefits of previous large law firm experience to the table in cases of fraud or misrepresentation. This Oregon law firm was founded as a result of our desire to serve and interact with our clients directly. Our attorneys are available to advise and negotiate in your best interest when fraud or misrepresentation has resulted in business failures and losses.

Contact The Mead Law Firm for advice and assistance in piercing the corporate veil when fraud or misrepresentation is behind a failed investment. We handle fraud and misrepresentation cases involving minority shareholder oppression and similar issues. At all times, we help our clients make intelligent decisions to bring about desirable outcomes.

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