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Corporate Governance

For Legal Counsel Regarding Corporate Governance Issues

Contact a Corporate Law Attorney at The Mead Law Firm

Corporations in the Metropolitan Portland Area and beyond seek advice and assistance from The Mead Law Firm in connection with business formation and growth issues such as:

  • Entity selection (LLC, LLP)
  • Business startup
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Mergers
  • Business acquisitions
  • Purchase and sale of memberships and shares
  • State and IRS registration
  • Succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Corporate compliance
  • Formalities such as bylaws
  • Documents of organization
  • Capital calls

Call or E-Mail the Law Firm to Schedule a Consultation

Our Oregon business and corporate law attorneys welcome the opportunity to meet potential new clients and explain how our law firm can help further the goals of your corporation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Clients’ needs come first at our Portland area business law and corporate governance law firm. We go out of our way to accommodate clients’ schedules and address concerns efficiently. Previous clients have found our attorneys to be personable, insightful and truly helpful. They have also appreciated the sophistication and depth of our law practice, tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Lawyers of The Mead Law Firm bring the benefits of previous large law firm experience to the table on behalf of clients with corporate governance legal needs. This law firm was founded as a result of our desire to serve and interact with our clients directly. Our attorneys are available to advise and negotiate in your best interest in a wide array of business and corporate law matters, including corporate governance issues.

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