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Contract Disputes

Knowledgeable Representation in Oregon Contract Disputes

Contact a Portland Business Litigation Attorney at The Mead Law Firm

When Portland area businesses and individuals require efficient resolution of contract disputes delivered with personalized service and attention to details, many turn to The Mead Law Firm. Attorneys of the law firm are focused firmly on clients’ needs in a wide range of business and commercial disputes including breach of contract claims involving:

  • Goods
  • Services of any kind
  • Professional services
  • Accounting services
  • Delivery services
  • Construction or remodeling
  • Repairs
  • Consultancy services

Time Is Money · Watch the Bottom Line

In business, time is money and the bottom line is central to survival and growth. To discuss your contract litigation needs with an attorney who understands and appreciates all your concerns, including the need to economize, contact The Mead Law Firm.

Our attorneys gained experience in contract litigation and other legal matters while employed at large law firms. We realized that we preferred to deliver cost-effective legal counsel and representation directly to our clients in a skillful, convenient and personable manner. We founded The Mead Law Firm with this philosophy in mind.

When Contract Disputes Threaten Business Objectives

Contact us by phone or e-mail to learn how we can serve you when contract disputes threaten to undermine your goals and objectives in business, construction or real estate.

Our clients in contract dispute matters are plaintiffs and defendants, business owners and individuals. We are focused on our clients’ need for speedy and efficient resolution of contract disputes. This often means starting from what opponents in contract disputes can agree on and building constructively from that foundation.

When possible, we advocate on behalf of our clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contexts, whether that means settlement negotiations, mediation or arbitration. But if it is in our client’s best interests to take a dispute to court, we are prepared to do so.

Whether the points of contention are time, money or scope of services rendered, The Mead Law Firm is prepared to address your business’s concerns efficiently, always with the bottom line in mind. Call or e-mail a lawyer at The Mead Law Firm to schedule a consultation regarding contract disputes in Oregon.

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