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Providing Skilled Business Litigation Services

The Oregon business law attorneys of The Mead Law Firm have extensive experience handling a range of often-complex business litigation matters, including:

  • Business torts
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Intentional interference with business relations
  • Breach of duty or loyalty
  • Fiduciary breaches
  • Trade secret litigation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • “Business divorce”

We walk in our clients’ shoes when it comes to business litigation decisions. Deciding what to pursue through legal action is in itself a strategic business decision that our experienced business law attorneys are well-prepared to assist with. The Mead Law Firm handles jury trials in state and federal courts, and we take business disputes to mediation and arbitration.

“Trials are like surgery: You don’t want go through one if you don’t have to. But if you must, get someone who knows what he’s doing.” — Attorney George Mead

Our clients and their legal opponents generally seem to understand what is and isn’t fair. Business litigation takes place when opposing sides have major disagreements that have not proven resolvable through straightforward discussions. One side or the other may have fallen on financial hardships. Businesses and departing employees may be engaged in contract disputes that require more than meetings to resolve.

Business Litigation Lawyers In The Portland Area

Business litigation clients of The Mead Law Firm have included business owners, current management, and former or departing employees. Whenever possible, we urge our clients to resolve high-stakes business disputes in mediation or arbitration. When this type of alternative dispute resolution fails, a case may need to go to court. We are experienced trial attorneys and make sure that our clients understand what to expect before beginning the litigation process.

Contact The Mead Law Firm to schedule a consultation regarding any ongoing, pending or anticipated business litigation matter. You can either complete our contact form or call us at 503-214-2712 or toll free at 888-328-1440.

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