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Resolving Business And Commercial Disputes Through ADR

Diplomacy has been defined as the “art of letting others have your way.” A successful mediation can entail creative solutions which accomplish positive results for everyone involved in the conflict.

Alternative Dispute Resolution And Mediation

In a commercial or business dispute, getting the results you seek with the minimal cost in terms of time and money is always your top priority. What this means is that alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, can offer significant advantages. To evaluate whether your claim is suitable for ADR and what the benefits may be, contact The Mead Law Firm.

Protecting Your Rights In Mediation

In a business mediation, you work with a neutral third party. This party does not make a decision for you; instead, they work with both parties to help you identify and implement a mutually beneficial outcome. We will help you understand how the process works, as well as your rights and responsibilities, so that you have the best chance of successfully resolving your dispute through mediation.

Anyone involved in alternative dispute resolution will tell you that a successful mediation depends on two things:

  • An experienced mediator with credibility and understanding of litigation
  • Parties willing to participate in good faith in dispute resolution

Helping You Resolve Business Disputes Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer comprehensive advice to businesses and business owners who want to settle business and commercial disputes without the time and expense of protracted litigation. We will help you evaluate arbitration and mediation as alternatives to trial.

Experienced Arbitration Lawyers

At The Mead Law Firm, P.C. we’ve arbitrated cases in commercial, construction and real estate settings. We have the experience to guide you through the process.

We have successfully handled many arbitration proceedings on behalf of our clients and will make certain that you are fully prepared for arbitration. We will prepare and file all documents required and will act as your advocate in any hearing. Alternatively, we can effectively, fairly and quickly render a decision when sitting as an arbitrator.

Contact Our Office

At The Mead Law Firm, we bring 25 years of experience working with businesses and business owners throughout the Northwest, including Portland and the Willamette Valley. We offer large law firm experience in a small law office setting. When you hire us to resolve a business dispute, you will always work directly with a lawyer. We strive to make ourselves available and accessible to you whenever you have questions or concerns.

We offer a confidential consultation to all clients. Contact our office or call us at 503-214-2712 (toll free at 888-328-1440) for an appointment.

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