Individuals who live in an HOA in Oregon may find that they receive an HOA complaint on occasion. Many of these complaints get brought to the HOA’s attention by another resident, and the HOA is just acting on the complaint. These are some of the most common HOA complaints that residents deal with.


Many HOAs hear numerous noise complaints. The noise can come from houses, cars or even rowdy children. Some HOAs do have set hours where they expect their residents to be quiet and not make a lot of noise.


It’s not uncommon for HOAs to have strict rules when it comes to the types of pets that they allow in their community and the behavior that they expect. If a pet is aggressive or barks a lot, the owner may face repercussions from the HOA.

Untidy exteriors

Residents need to make sure that the exterior of their home or other piece of real estate looks tidy, or they may hear about it from their HOA. An untidy exterior can include things like leaving trash on the ground or having an unkempt lawn.

Parking disputes

Many residents have a difficult time finding parking in their neighborhood for themselves or their guests. Because of this, they end up parking in someone else’s driveway or on the side of the road. When this happens, they are likely to get a complaint from the HOA. If they have received a warning for the same violation in the past, they may end up having their car towed.

Some individuals get an HOA complaint that they feel is unjust. If this is the case, they may want to seek legal counsel so that they can figure out how best to deal with the issue.