The government controls physical development of the land. Even when you own a home, there are zoning laws that you must comply with. An increasing number of people are beginning to start home-based businesses. Before you jump on the trend in Oregon, you should know whether or not the type of business you want to operate from home is legal in your neighborhood.

1. Permission from neighbors

In some situations, you will need permission from your neighbors to operate a business from home. The type of home business you want to start affects whether or not you need permission from your neighbors. You need to check the zoning laws in your city to know if this applies to you.

2. Community zoning codes

Some residential communities ban certain types of activities going on at your home because neighbors don’t want a lot of noise at odd hours. They may ban specific types of businesses too, like auto repair shops.

Examples of potentially prohibited activities:

  • Storing dangerous materials at the house
  • Large business signs
  • Too much vehicular traffic to and from the house
  • Unrelated employees working inside the house

3. Limitations on customers

Real estate laws usually place a limit on how many customers can visit your house when you operate a home-based business. This limit varies from city to city, so you need to check the zoning codes in your city. Portland allows up to eight customers per day at a type B home-based business. Type A businesses are those that don’t have customers visiting the home and don’t have an unrelated employee visiting the home. In Portland, all business activities must also take place inside of the house.

4. Building permit

In some situations, you could need a building permit. If you need to remodel your home to conduct business, then you will have to first check if you need a residential development permit.

Before starting a home-based business, you need to know what the zoning laws are for that type of business in your city and your community. It’s helpful to consult with a business lawyer to set up the business without accidentally doing something illegal.