Small business owners in Oregon might find themselves overwhelmed at times. Cash flow problems and personnel limitations could lead to troubles with clients. In some situations, lawsuits may follow. Small business entrepreneurs might wish to avoid civil suits, but they may occur regardless. Hopefully, knowing about common legal jeopardies could assist with steps necessary to prevent them.

Typical legal issues small businesses face

Slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability cases may plague all kinds of businesses. When dealing with the public, a small business opens its doors to people. If someone falls inside or even right outside the premises, a lawsuit may follow. Entrepreneurs need to be vigilant to address and correct any hazards, such as a cracked sidewalk or broken railings.

Not delivering on promised goods and services might lead to somewhat understandable legal actions. When accepting payment for products or tasks, small business owners must work hard to deliver on promises. Unfortunately, things may go wrong, leading to a lawsuit.

Other legal issues to keep in mind

Claims about discrimination could impact a small business. Employees and customers may both make these claims. Sometimes, the claims might be unfounded, forcing the business owner to defend themselves in court.

Causing sickness to employees or customers might be something a business proprietor never faced. When someone comes down with food poisoning or suffers a staph infection, the injured person might direct litigation at the person or entity to blame. Blame may land on a small business’s doorstep.

An attorney who understands business law might defend a small business owner in court. The attorney could explore cost-saving alternative dispute resolution methods as well.