Aging houses can experience settling over the years. The ground underneath them may shift or compact, resulting in one part of the foundation sitting slightly lower than the other. If this happens at an angle, the house may end up having floors on a mild incline. If it happens more sporadically, the result could be cracking in the foundation itself.

This kind of settling may be normal in houses that are decades old, but it typically should not occur in the foundation of a new home. Contractors who build the house and those who poured the foundation should take time to make sure that the ground nearby is sufficiently dry and stable enough to adequately support a foundation and the weight of a home.

If you have noticed cracks or water incursion in a home built within the last few years, that could be a sign of significant construction defects that could have lasting consequences for your property value.

The cost of foundation repairs can quickly add up

Depending on the nature of the foundation issue that results in cracking, it may be necessary to install supports deep in the earth that help lift the foundation back up, to reinforce and repour the concrete, to rebuild a brick or stone foundation and remortar it, or even to demolish the home in some cases.

Even repairs that will allow you to keep the home in safe and enjoyable condition can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and you may not be able to sell the house until you complete that work.

Foundation contractors and builders have an obligation to clients

Installing a foundation isn’t just about pouring concrete, laying bricks or mortaring stones. It is about creating the safe and level base upon which an entire home sits. When contractors cut corners or fail to take factors like nearby topography into consideration, the results could be expensive for the homeowner.

Construction defects don’t just become the problem of a homeowner. If you can show that most professionals would have been able to foresee the issue or would have used a different process to create a more stable foundation, you may be able to bring a construction defect claim against the company involved.