Real estate disputes can arise in Portland and throughout Oregon for many reasons. These can be business-related, residential or commercial disagreements. It can even be a combination. In some instances, negotiation can achieve a successful resolution. In others, a legal filing is needed. Regardless, it is important for those embroiled in a dispute consider the having legal assistance. This is especially true if it is a small business facing the potential damage due to plans from a larger entity.

A health company is being sued by a small business over building plans. The small business is concerned that parking and access to its store will be harmed by the planned structures. The site where construction is set to take place is a former bowling alley. The property the health care company plans to build on adjoins the small business – a mini-mart. There is also a used bookstore next to the mini-mart. The owners filed a lawsuit asking that they be allowed to use the driveway and parking that the prior owner allowed it to use for more than 50 years.

The parties planned to have mediation to seek a satisfactory solution to the dispute. For its part, the health care company was unclear as to why it has refused to allow the mini-mart owners to continue using the driveway as they did before. The health care company is a non-profit. The project will erect affordable apartments and a health clinic next door.

There are myriad challenges for small businesses in Oregon. Simply staying afloat can be complex in an atmosphere in which larger companies frequently undercut them and render them untenable. When construction is planned and it can negatively impact convenience and accessibility, it is also a problem. Often, a large company is seeking to build in an area and does not want to garner a negative reputation by overwhelming a small business. Therefore, it might be willing to negotiate. There could be legal options for the smaller business to force changes to suit their ends. Having legal assistance experienced in real estate, zoning issues, parking, boundaries, easements and more can be useful to address the issues and achieve a positive outcome.