Getting along with neighbors is not always the easiest of things to do. This is particularly true when in the midst of a boundary dispute. With the assistance of an Oregon-based real estate law attorney, this type of issue can be settled as swiftly as possible so that all parties involved can move on.

There are several reasons that boundary disputes occur. They all come back to one thing, though, which is the unauthorized use of property. Some property disputes can be resolved by looking at property surveys, and some require a bit more than that.

Some property owners can resolve boundary line issues by talking things out. Some can do this in private, and others may require some legal intervention. When property lines are agreed on, each party would then sign a quitclaim deed.

If there is no survey available, there are still questions about the location of property lines or an agreement on the matter cannot be reached, it may be possible to have a judge determine where the lines are to be drawn. To do this, one will need to file a quiet title lawsuit. This is often treated as a last-resort option. No one wants to go to court unless they absolutely have to. However, having legal counsel ready to go if it becomes necessary is wise.

When paying for property, it is understandable that one would want to make sure that others are not using it without permission. Some boundary disputes are the result of simple misunderstandings. Others have more complex issues at play. No matter the reason for a boundary dispute with a neighbor, Oregon residents can turn to a real estate law attorney for guidance on how to handle the situation.