When dealing with a legal issue, wanting to keep the matter out of court is understandable. Most people want to avoid litigation if they can. Alternative dispute resolution methods do exist and can be the best course of action. Not only can utilizing ADR methods prevent litigation, they can also save Oregon residents time and money if gone about the right way.

Yes, it is possible to mess up negotiations in mediation, and it is certainly possible to poorly present one’s case before an arbitrator. When utilizing either of these ADR methods, it is possible to have legal counsel prepared and ready to assist when needed. The key is finding an attorney who has experience with ADR methods and can use them appropriately.

When utilizing an ADR method, legal counsel can take the wheel or take a back seat; it is up to the client. It is just good to bounce ideas off of or run any proposed settlement terms by legal counsel to make sure one’s best interests are being looked out for. No one wants to end up walking away from a legal dispute with less than he or she should have or could could have gotten.

When wanting to use ADR methods to resolve a legal matter, some Oregon residents may think going it alone is the best choice or the only choice. The truth is having an ADR trained attorney at one’s side is most likely the best option. There is no harm in having someone there and ready to fight for one’s best interests.