Not much is easy about being a business owner in Oregon. You certainly have a lot to worry about. One thing you hope you never have to deal with is complaints of harassment at your establishment. After all, you’ve done what you can to make your business a good place to work. Unfortunately, as you know, you cannot control all of your employees’ actions, and you’ve recently found out that one of your employees has been accused of harassment, which has left you in a tough position.

The actions you take after receiving a harassment complaint can hurt you and your company if you are not careful. Federal law prohibits harassment in the workplace. When such accusations are made, it is an employer’s job to investigate and take action. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you may be accused of not doing enough, failing to protect the victim, or going too far — wrongfully terminating the accused. It is impossible to please everyone, and lawsuits may result.

When lawsuits do arise, you have to decide if they are worth fighting or if settling would be the better option. When choosing to fight, you may be able to seek a case dismissal or request your case go to trial. If you’d rather settle, you have the right to negotiation terms. You do not have to accept whatever the other party is requesting.

No matter what you do, you do not have to face the issue alone. You have the right to have legal counsel at your side, helping you achieve the best possible outcome. If you’d like to learn more about how an experienced Oregon-based attorney can be of assistance to you if accusations of harassment pop up in your business, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.