Most adults in the United States have not taken the time to prepare estate plans. Many do not even have a basic will in place. Some Oregon residents may not want to think about it, some may feel having a will is unnecessary and others simply never get to it before their time on this earth is up. Anyone who wants to jot his or her wishes down quickly may consider a do-it-yourself will — but is a DIY will worth it?

A DIY will might be sufficient for a person who has no special concerns and few assets. The keyword in that sentence being might. Outside of being a cheap and quick option for obtaining a will, there is nothing else that is good about DIY wills.

At the end of the day, a DIY will may not hold up when it matters. These are standard forms, many of which may not be up-to-date with current probate laws. They may lack specific legal wording that can bring their validity into question. If a person has complex estate issues, those issues may not be properly addressed in this type of will which will only cause problems for a person’s loved ones down the line.

A DIY will might be useful to have temporarily. However, in the long-run, Oregon residents who really want to protect themselves, their assets and their loved ones would most likely be better off seeking the assistance of legal counsel in order to write wills that truly meet their needs. An experienced estate planning attorney can help one create a will that has the proper language, is in line with state probate laws and covers all one’s legal bases.