Anyone who owns and operates a business in Oregon or elsewhere knows that problems often arise that require legal assistance to resolve. Like it or not, this is just part of it. Here are some of the most common issues company owners face that can lead to business litigation. 

Problem number one: Unhappy customers. It is impossible to keep all clients happy all of the time. If there is a problem with a product or service, one has every right to seek a resolution. Many times, such issues can be resolved in private; however, there are times when lawsuits are filed, and litigation cannot be avoided. Depending on how one handles this type of situation, it can do a lot of damage to one’s reputation.

Problem number two: Intellectual property issues. Alleged copyright and patent violations, for example, happen all of the time. Whether one is on the offender or offended end of this type of situation, messy legal battles may ensue.

Problem number three: Disgruntled employees. Employees have a lot of rights. Employers have to tread lightly in how they handle certain situations in the workplace — such as terminations. Employees who feel that their rights have been violated may take legal action to seek damages for any resulting losses.

Problem number four: Discrimination/harassment. Discrimination and harassment issues, despite all of the laws in place to protect employees and employers, are still significant problems in the United States. Employers who are behind such behaviors or who fail to take proper action only hurt themselves and open themselves up to litigation. 

When problems with one’s business arise, there is always hope that going to court will not be necessary. Sometimes, though, it is the best course of action. Oregon business owners who need to pursue lawsuits or who find themselves facing business litigation can turn to an experienced attorney for assistance addressing the matter quickly and quietly.