No one wants to go to court to settle a dispute if they can avoid it. After all, litigation can be drawn out and expensive. Alternative dispute resolution methods exist to help those who wish to avoid court do just that. ADR can work in most cases, if all involved parties are willing to put in the work and negotiate. Unfortunately, some in Oregon and elsewhere may find ADR does not always work out as they had hoped.

A recent example of failed ADR is the U.S. Women’s soccer case. The players filed discrimination lawsuits against U.S. Soccer in an effort to seek equal pay and resolve a few other issues. They claim they are paid roughly 60% less than male players. U.S. Soccer denies the accusations made in this case.

Representatives for both sides of this issue were set to begin mediation in August. However, after a few days, negotiations were called off, as no resolution seemed possible through this legal avenue. Both sides are now preparing to take this case to federal court for review. Only time will tell how this matter is ultimately settled. 

Why bother with alternative dispute resolution methods if they do not always work? Some may feel that taking such routes will only waste their time and money. The truth is ADR methods have been shown to be highly effective so they should not be immediately discounted. Those in Oregon who would like to learn more about ADR, in order to determine if it is the right fit for their legal needs, can speak to an attorney with ADR experience.