You do everything you can to make sure your Oregon-based business is successful. You hire people you feel will do quality work and will treat you, your clients and other employees with respect. When someone does not live up to company standards or is frequently engaging in inappropriate behavior, you let them go — as is your right. Now, because you chose to fire someone, you are being accused of wrongfully terminating that employee. What can you do?

Wrongful termination accusations are to be taken seriously. Not every claim has merit, but it does not stop some former employees from trying to seek compensation after being fired. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your business starts before the termination even occurs, and that is document, document, document. Having a paper trail of the employee’s misdeeds will only serve to help you establish that you were within your rights to let that individual go.

If you fired someone and your documentation is lacking, and that individual files a wrongful termination claim against you, you may need witnesses to confirm that the employee was engaging in poor or illegal behavior in the workplace. For example, say you fired someone who was sexually harassing one of your other employees. The victim and any other witnesses to the harassment could come forward with information about the former employee’s behavior.

You can do everything under the sun to protect yourself and your Oregon-based business legally and still end up facing lawsuits of various sorts. When that happens, how you approach your situation matters. If you are being accused of wrongfully terminating an employee, legal counsel can help you decide whether to fight the claim or to settle. To learn more about this topic, please visit our firm’s website.