In life, conflict is normal, and people need to work together to find acceptable resolutions. Sometimes, that is not possible, and certain matters may have to be taken to court. Sometimes, going to court may seem extreme, but some assistance in resolving the matter is deemed necessary by all parties involved in the issue. This is where arbitration — an alternative dispute resolution method that is available to Oregon residents — comes into play.

Arbitration is, more or less, an informal court proceeding. All involved parties will have the opportunity to present their sides of a case to a court-appointed arbitrator. That person will then issue a ruling on the matter. The benefits to arbitration over traditional litigation include:

  • Potential to save money
  • Potential to save time
  • Impartiality
  • Finality
  • Confidentiality

Of course, no resolution method is perfect. Arbitration can have its downsides, just like any other legal proceeding. Some of the noted disadvantages to arbitration include:

  • Potential to add to litigation cost if ineffective
  • Lack of jury
  • Location issues
  • Questions regarding fairness

Alternative dispute resolution methods can be very effective at resolving disputes if it is approached and handled the right way. Those individuals in Oregon who think arbitration might be the right fit for their situations can turn to legal counsel to learn more about it and, if appropriate, start the process. Many people have been able to avoid going to court by taking advantage of this or other alternative dispute resolution methods. However, if it fails to produce desirable results, the matter may be taken to court for traditional litigation.